Project Description

Aegon is one of the world’s largest Life Insurance and Pension providers and for them, the provision of accurate and accessible information is an essential element of the business.

Following an earlier conversion of their HR records from paper to microfiche images, Aegon UK took the decision to convert them to digital format. The only method of viewing microfiche is via a viewer/printer, old technology which is now expensive to maintain and gives access to only one person at a time.

The 25,000 microfiche (each containing between 30 and 40 images) needed to be converted to multipage PDF files using specialist Wicks & Wilson conversion machines to enable every authorised staff member to view the files on their computer. This was just the first stage of the requirement, as it was also decided to categorise the images for ease of use.’s in house skills, coupled with their high security clearance made them Aegon’s ideal contractor for the project.’s staff received a crash course in HR documentation from Aegon’s HR staff for the required categorisation via electronic conferencing in order to carry out the large scale post conversion categorisation exercise, splitting the files into the various sections. There were about 900,000 images in total and the work was carried out over 3 shifts from Monday to Thursday and 2 shifts on Fridays to accurately complete the job, on schedule, within 8 weeks.

Aegon were delighted, both with the results and with’s handling of the project, in particular the following:

  •’s clear desire to meet and exceed the project’s detailed requirements
  • A detailed project plan outlining key project milestones
  • Pilot activity, suggested by, which raised questions and identified process efficiencies prior to the bulk scanning activity beginning
  • Excellent communication between both parties, particularly in respect to progress and any issues for resolution (for example new indexing requirements which were identified by

Following the post contract review, Aegon confirmed that they would have no hesitation in using or recommending for any work of a similar nature.