CAD Conversion

CAD offer a CAD conversion service to create accurate DXF or DWG CAD drawings from sketches, hand drawings or hardcopy drawings where the CAD file is not available. We have experience in:

  1. Mechanical building services
  2. Data
  3. Incorporating plans
  4. Ductwork / Heating systems / Air conditioning
  5. Plant rooms
  6. Building services sector / Architecture
  7. Electrical building services
  8. Structural / Interior design
  9. Elevations / Sections
  10. Pipework / Schematics
  11. Lighting / Power / Fire alarm systems / Communication & Data layouts

The drawings are traced and not vectorized using software conversion techniques and are layered to your requirements and can use your title block, if supplied. If you have amendments, you can mark-up the drawing and we will include that in our version.

We can provide CAD conversion on a fixed price basis relating to the size of the drawing, or on an hourly rate. All prices are available on request.

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Frequently asked questions

Generally we prefer to start with a drawing, either hardcopy or scanned image format. We can use information contained within exisiting formats such as PDF and many other formats.

CAD conversion technical information:

This process involves the use of a rastor image taken from a scanned image. Using either conversion software or tracing the original scan, we can create vectorised CAD file format for use in your version of the CAD format, most likely DWG or DXF file types.