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DocumentScanning.net is the scanning division of Allan Webb Ltd, providing a range of bulk document scanning, document conversion and data capture solutions and services to clients throughout the UK. Registered in England No. 1780818, Allan Webb is a privately owned business that has been providing documentation services for nearly 50 years.

What are the benefits of digitising paper and film records?

Aside from the major benefits of saving time, space and money, your business could experience:

  • Better protection of important / legally required documents.
  • Improved ability to share information – scanned documents can be instantly emailed, printed or even accessed remotely via the internet if required.
  • Disaster recovery – should the worst happen i.e. fire or theft, backed up copies of important information allows the business to continue with less disruption.
  • Standardisation of archived documents and better access with a fully indexed system.
  • Multiple User Access, creating a more integrated system of total document management.