Construction Industry Document Managment

  • Drawings
  • Plans
  • Forms
  • Audits
  • Job Costings
  • HR Files

Plans, drawings, maps and other records can take up vast amounts of office space. Keeping track of paperwork for multitudes of projects over long periods of time can cause problems in any busy architect’s or planning office. can scan and digitise all sizes and types of documents, in colour or black and white, thereby reducing storage space and making your files easy to share, retrieve and copy. We are ISO9001 accredited for quality control and have over fifty year’s experience in handling drawings, photos, plans and planning authority records for the construction industry, including those for which confidentiality and security is essential.

DocumentScanning.netcan scan up to 1000dpi, ensuring the highest quality for images and can convert files into various formats including creating accurate DXF or DWG CAD drawings from sketches, hand drawings or hardcopy drawings where the CAD file is not available. also provide an online storage facility, a document management service and document disposal service.