• HR files
  • Pupils’ Records
  • Students’ Results
  • Exam Papers
  • Surveys
  • Planning files
  • Housing Files
  • Grants
  • Social Services Files
  • Internal Audit Reports

Record keeping is an essential part of any government office or educational establishment but storing hard copies of thousands of documents takes up lots of space and costs time and money to manage.

DocumentScanning.net can scan and digitise all sizes and types of document thereby reducing space required for storage and making your files easy to share, retrieve and copy. We are ISO9001 accredited for quality control and have over fifty year’s experience in handling documents for local authorities, councils, schools, colleges and universities, including those for which confidentiality and security is essential.

Files can be scanned in colour or black and white and can be converted into different formats for amending or co-ordinating with other records. Your records can be indexed and made word-searchable for quick and easy retrieval. We also offer data capture and data entry of forms and questionnaires, providing data in a variety of formats to suit your needs.

DocumentScanning.net also provide a secure document disposal service for sensitive information and a recycling facility for non-sensitive files.