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We serve the whole of the UK and aim to provide the best quality service for all your document scanning and document management needs. We pride ourselves on delivering a fast and accurate scanning service, so please call today and speak to one of our scanning advisors on 0800 197 2804.

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  • The staff and buildings are approved to process sensitive information.
  • We provide a UK wide document scanning service with offices in Scotland, the South West and South East.
  • Colour and/or black & white
  • We have an exceptional quality record.
  • We offer a fast, efficient and personal service.

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What is data capture?

Data capture allows data to be extracted, digitised and converted so that information can easily be manipulated, managed or edited.

Applications of data capture include:

Our clients regularly send their information directly to us (via a PO Box number), such as regular post, surveys or invoices, to scan and upload that same night. Our technicians pride themselves on their ability to scan and capture almost all types of information, even the most challenging. We offer every client a service tailored to their requirements.