Scanned Microfiche Are:

  • Stored alphabetically or sequentially in number order and therefore easily located.

  • Only available to users with correct permissions.

  • No longer taking up costly storage space.

  • Safe from damage, misfiling and potential loss.

  • Easily distributed securely and printed.

Microfiche scanning

Microfiche Scanning

Many businesses and individuals may have vast back catalogues of microfiche documents, storing important or similarly sensitive information that is rarely used and with no real way to file and store these documents but no desire to dispose of them either. Thanks to modern Document Scanning techniques and the cost effective nature of digital and online storage solutions, it is now possible to convert all of your old documents stored in the Microfiche format through a scanning process that will solve all of the filing and storage problems you may have. It will give you quick, simple access to your files and documents that were previously difficult to find and use effectively.

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Microfiche Scanning – The Process

Microfiche is the generic term applied to any microform storage format that measures around 6″x4″. This format generally contains A4 and A3 documents and images at 24 times reduction and can hold up to 270 computer images at 48 times reduction, which in the past made it a conveniently small way to store a large amount of documents in a small area. Nowadays though it is pretty much defunct, and using the Microfiche Scanning process can rejuvenate this dying format. As with other document scanning techniques which can be applied to normal A4 size paper documents, Microfiche can be scanned quickly and individual files can be created for each one of the documents stored in the Microfiche format. Bulk scanning can be performed by modern scanners, which means the scanning process is as quick and cost effective as possible.

The Microfiche documents are converted into either the TIFF or PDF image file format, which ensures that they will have the widest compatibility and the best quality scan available. This also means you will be able to share and use the files for the foreseeable future without having to convert or alter them in any way. The Microfiche format is not widely used anymore and because you may lack the equipment to view the files contained on the film, the Microfiche Scanning process can liberate the stored images and make them useable again by as many users as necessary.

Microfiche Scanning – The Benefits

Once you have had your Microfiche documents converted into digital files, there are several benefits to storing and filing them digitally. They will be stored alphabetically, which means that you can quickly find and access the appropriate file without having to sift through eye straining amounts of hard copy Microfiches. They are stored and filed digitally and you remove the risk of loss or misfiling them when using your hard copies of the Microfiches as you might have done in the past.

If you choose to store the files on your own computer or business network, you can share and distribute the files and documents as you see fit, meaning that several people can access and view the same document at the same time in different locations. Alternatively, if you don’t wish to file and store your scanned Microfiche documents on your own systems but still want access to them from anywhere in the world you might consider using an Online Document Storage system to organise and view your files. This system can work through a web browser on any computer with an internet connection, which means you don’t need any expensive third party software to organise and access your scanned Microfiche documents. The service is also very customisable, allowing simultaneous storage of documents, images and many other file types with links relating them to one another, and with adjustable access settings for different users, meaning employees and clients can access the system with limited privileges to view specific documents and files from any location. Microfiche Scanning also facilitates in-house duplication by printing or copying of your documents that were previously trapped in the Microfiche format on most standard computing equipment. Without the need for storing hard copies of your Microfiche collection thanks to the Scanning technology and digital storage options, you can save space and money that you previously dedicated to the storage and protection of the Microfiche files.

Over time and prolonged use the film would inevitably depreciate in quality and eventually decay beyond use, but because the scanned files do not lose quality or image fidelity over time you are guaranteed a safe, hassle-free storage experience, with as many back up files as you wish should the worst happen. You can also transfer your scanned Microfiche documents to any digital storage medium you with, such as a DVD, CD or USB Pen drive to give full portability to your files, and creating additional copies to ensure the continued integrity and safety of your collection is cheaper and easier than it ever has been with the use of hard copies.