Online Document Storage

Every company in the world is striving towards a paper-free working environment to keep track of business deals, finances and client information because the benefits of electronic storage of documents are gradually overwhelming the traditional methods of filing and filling out forms. However, organising and setting up a good working Online Document Storage system, which is reliable and accessible from anywhere in the world, requires a lot of ground work and investment. Thankfully, offers a unified and relatively cheap system for online storage of your existing digital files and folders, on a system that is easy to use and can be accessed directly from your web browser, ensuring their accessibility on a global range. But what are the benefits of an Online Document Storage system, how does it work and why should you consider entering into one?

Online Document Storage – The Methods And The System

Most businesses which have been working in a digital environment for some years will have accumulated a large number of files and folders pertaining to many aspects of their company, but these files and folders may well be disorganised and accessible only from one work station or from within the Local Area Network set up in the business premises itself. If the files are organised, they are probably filed using expensive software and to access the files elsewhere you may require a computer which also has this software installed. This limits the compatibility and consequently the accessibility of your documents when travelling away from the office. The Online Document Storage System solves all of these problems in an instant.

  • File Types and Compatibility
    The Online Document Storage system is compatible with all of the big file formats; TIFF, PDF, MS Office etc, which means that your existing files are probably already supported, so no conversion is needed.
  • Uploading Your Documents
    Transferring your existing documents to the system, or uploading new files as and when they are created is simple. You can upload single documents at a time, or alternatively upload zipped files in bulk, which is ideal for the initial shift onto the system. You can upload documents from any computer you choose, so the creating and storage of documents is possible anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Online Document Storage Security
    Once your documents are online, their safety is ensured thanks to 128bit encryption, which protects them from 3rd party access. You can also set multiple user permission securely, giving different levels of access and manipulation to your employees or clients, and because the Online Document Storage system is web-browser based, it is accessible instantly from any computer with an internet connection in the world. The security and access to single or multiple users make the Online Document Storage System ideal for individuals or groups to use. An added benefit of storing your documents and files with the Online Document Storage System is that because none of the data is actually stored on your premises or on your own computers or servers, no break in or hack of your own business or computer network will jeopardise this information as it is not stored on site, giving an added layer of protection to your important documents.

  • Document Searching and Retrieval
    Organising your documents with the Online Document Storage system allows instant access to your files, with intelligent search parameters that will help you find the intended document with minimal hassle.

  • Document Check Out
    This clever application that comes with the Online Document Storage system allows you to ‘check out’ a particular document, which means you will have exclusive access to it for a predetermined amount of time whilst you use or edit the document. This is similar to acting as if you had physically checked out a document in a traditional paper filing system. You will be able to provide your reasons and explanations for your checking out so that other users can see why they are unable to view the document at that time.

  • User Personalisation
    You can also manipulate the layout and the style of your own Online Document Storage system to personalise the experience or add corporate branding or your business logo. Unifying the look and branding of your Online Document Storage system is a simple yet desirable ability.

Online Document Storage – The Reasons and Benefits

Controlling and maintaining the company archive, whether you are self employed or part of a larger business, is something that in the past was arduous, time consuming and limited, not to mention expensive, either because expensive filing software was required or because of the sheer floor space necessary to operate a paper document filing system. Now, with the Online Document Storage system accessible to any computer with a web browser, you no longer need to worry about maintaining a filing room or a bank of servers in your own office, as your data is stored, protected and guaranteed by this fool proof system.

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