Our Turnkey Data Capture Service

Do you want:

  • To capture data from hand-written forms or questionnaires without manual keying?
  • Your data provided in reports from which you can extract information quickly and easily?

Forms Data Capture ServiceOur Data Capture team provide a turnkey service to organisations who use surveys and questionnaires on a large scale. Gathering data using paper forms and questionnaires can be a critical process to gain feedback from your customers and understand your client’s requirements and needs. We offer a seamless solution from design, through printing, mailing, receipt and capture.

We provide:

  • Help and advice with the design of forms to ensure data is captured to the highest standards to fulfil your requirements.
  • Printing, mailing and receipt services depending on your exact requirements
  • Scanning the completed forms using our IBML industry leading scanners.
  • Electronic capture of data from the scanned files and converting this into your required format.
  • OCR services – reducing the errors after data capture with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software.

So we can complete the whole process for you, leaving you to run your business.

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Our data capture service can provide data in a variety of formats, be this a simple MS Excel file or Database, or something more robust like an Oracle or SQL database.The scanned documents can be put on CD/DVD, emailed to you or hosted securely online on a secure server.
Yes! Our data capture team provide a complete service if required, including preparation for scanning if the forms are returned directly to us.
Our data capture team can arrange for delivery and return of your documents. We collect client’s records throughout the UK either through couriers or our own vans. We can also dispose of the original paper copies securely if required. Click here for more information on document disposal.

Forms Data Capture technical information:

Many different types of form data can be extracted:

  • Check boxes
  • OCR (optical character recognition)
  • ICR (hand print)
  • Barcode
  • Comment fields
  • Images (such as signatures or photos)

Many output formats can be supplied:

  • CSV text
  • Access MDB
  • XML
  • Excel XLS
  • SPSS
  • SQL