Project Description

Ringway have the ‘Highways’ contract for Kent CC and, as their depots were being re-located, it was part of their contract to convert the paper archive to digital records. Having asked a number of local and national scanning companies to quote on the job, they found’s quote to be the most reasonably priced and were reassured by their years of experience in the business.

As the depot was closing, had to accommodate the whole archive at short notice, which meant finding space for 840 archive boxes in’s secure storage units. The task of scanning around two and a half million images began on 7 October 2011 and completed at the end of December.

Ringway didn’t have any special requests at the outset of the job as this type of project was new to them, which made’s expertise invaluable. Whenever a ‘snag’ was encountered it could completely change the specifications required. have experience of dealing with all sizes, colours and qualities of paper, various filing formats, handwritten text and different languages, so were able to help and advise at every stage.

Graham Rayner, Ringway’s Financial Controller, confirmed that they would happily recommend “We were most impressed by the quality and professionalism of’s operational team, who provided all that was asked for and delivered as planned.”

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