Project Description

Police Occupational Health File Scanning

Occasionally, a situation develops where the removal of files from situ, a (DSN) norm, is not considered an option, despite the high UK Government Security clearance held by DSN. This was a problem recently encountered where the conversion of the Occupational Health files of this Constabulary was necessary.

As with all paper files, there is inevitably a situation where files can be removed and not returned or simply mis-filed. With Police Occupational Health files, which contain details of such things as Firearms Certificates & Training, Medical Conditions & Vaccinations, Welfare Requirements etc., this would create a very serious problem.

The Constabulary and the Police Officers Representatives were adamant that the files remained on site, therefore DSN undertook to carry out the service in situ. Ensuring that staff and machinery were on site as required, checking the actual facilities available, plus the recording and provision of the finished images outside of a tried and tested system were just some aspects of the job that had to be taken into account.

Once the project was completed, the method of creating new digital files from various sources was discussed and put into place so that the Occupational Health filing system simply continued but in digital format.