Project Description

Stuart Leasor, son of writer James Leasor, contacted in January 2011 with the requirement of scanning around 40 of his father’s books into editable Word documents so they could be converted into various e-book formats such as Amazon Kindle.

James Leasor, famed for his thrillers during the 1960s and 1970s, wrote many novels and history books, mostly under under his own name, but also under a variety of pseudonyms, including Andrew MacAllan. Most notable novels include ‘Passport to Oblivion’ whose lead character, Dr Jason Love was played by David Niven in the film adaptation ‘Where the Spies Are’ (1965).  ‘Boarding Party’, filmed as ‘The Sea Wolves’, was one of the most popular histories.

A lover of fast cars, he put his automobile knowledge to good use in his thrillers including ‘They Don’t Make Them Like That Anymore’ (1969) and ‘Never Had a Spanner on Her’ (1970).

The requirement involved is standard for our operatives. Each book was guillotined allowing them to be scanned at a cheaper cost, and auto fed through our scanner. Covering artwork was scanned on a flatbed to full colour and incorporated into the finished Word document.

“After evaluating a number of the available options, I selected to scan the books of my father, James Leasor, into editable text. They performed this task commendably quickly and accurately, particularly impressive considering the age and condition of some of the books they had to work on. Their help has considerably sped up my task of digitising my father’s work for  e-publication. I strongly recommend to anyone considering such an exercise.”
Stuart Leasor