Project Description

RGV Aviation Ltd is a family run Aircraft and Avionics maintenance company, established at Staverton Airport, Gloucestershire, in 1973. They offer routine servicing and repairs for light aircraft and are accredited by a number of manufacturers including Cirrus, Piper, Cessna and Avidyne. A large problem exists in the storage of files, as there is the requirement to maintain the service and repair records for the life of the aircraft, detailing scheduled maintenance and part references which could be required to be tracked back through manufacturers’ records in the case of a required investigation.

As a busy and growing concern, the volume of paper was growing. It was becoming necessary both to maintain and to easily identify an aircraft’s regular service schedules, plus, where a spare part failed, to identify this and ascertain if similar parts from the particular manufacturer’s batch had been used on other aircraft. This type of tracking is common throughout the industry and is helped enormously if an easily searchable system is used.

The most straightforward and cost effective method of providing a system such as this is to scan and index paper files to multipage PDF digital files and to apply Optical Character Recognition (OCR) word search capability, to enable searching of an archive, ranging from a single file to the whole company archive.

This can be done with a single instruction and is carried out using the free issue Adobe Acrobat Reader, which will locate every instance of a name, number, registration number or reference that is printed within the archive. suggested this as a solution to RGV’s problem, and has just completed the scanning of the third annual batch of service records. The system is efficient, cost effective and provides the requirement without fuss or drama.

From RGV:

“We have been using for 3 years now and wouldn’t use anyone else. Our records are diverse – from aircraft maintenance workpacks, office invoices and documentation to import/export certificates. The friendly staff are always helpful, very efficient and the end results are always just what we need. I refer to my scanned documents on a weekly basis and can always find what I’m looking for quickly and efficiently. I would be more than happy to recommend their services.” – Karla Cleverley, Tech Records, RGV Aviation Ltd