Project Description

DSN recently completed a project to scan millions of pages of patient records going back to the 1960’s. The project included collecting the records in batches from the Trust and storing them at our bureau for processing and scanning. DSN won this contract following a competitive tendering process and one of the key areas that helped us win this business is our IBML Imagetrac Scanners

The patient files were held in envelopes and these envelopes were a key part of the files which needed scanning. This could cause an issue with regular scanners as they would stop the scanner due to false dual feed alerts. All normal work scanned uses an ultrasonic detector which checks every document / sheet of paper and stops the scanner to alert the operator of a potential issue.

So using rules that can only be incorporated on our IBML Imagetrac scanner we were able to create some business processes that would allow the scanner to feed the envelopes and not stop the scanner at every new document, which for this project would have been 200,000 times.

The project was completed in a few months and we exceeded all quality requirements for image quality.