Project Description

Brunsdon is an independent insurance and financial services broker based in Gloucester, with a large portfolio of both corporate and individual clients. Their fully client-orientated philosophy enables them to build solid, long-term relationships with a personal touch, backed up by many collective years of broad experience and extensive expertise within the insurance and financial services industry.

Having been in business since 1932, they had accumulated a large number of paper files and, following an analysis exercise, found that not only were many of these files no longer relevant to the business but that it would be simpler to digitise the files that needed to be kept.
Other than the fact that they decided to attack the project piecemeal, there were no especially tricky parts to the job, but Brunsdon’s Systems Manager, Chris Warren appreciated the relationship he formed with

“We chatted through our aims with a number of local firms, but we felt that most fully understood what we wanted and was best placed to deliver it. We sat down with some of their guys, discussed all the options available to us and specified our preference. It was nice to be able to keep a line of communication open as the funding for the each next stage was agreed. Although the digitisation process involved a considerable investment on our part it allowed us to free up a filing room which we have since turned into an office. The thing that impressed us most is that they have been very transparent, with no mistakes or errors – they did everything they said they would and I would definitely be happy to recommend them”
Chris Warren