Project Description

Plymouth City Council’s Building Control Department needed all of their files to be scanned prior to their move to a new facility.

It was an ideal opportunity to free up the space used for paper storage and make their microfiche files more accessible. Building Control regulates the design and construction of buildings, ensuring the minimum standards set out in the Building Regulations are met. They provide pre-application advice on building projects; offer a choice of applications; carry out site inspections to ensure work complies with the regulations;
issue stage or conditional approvals to allow works to progress quickly and issue Completion and Fire Safety Completion certificates. They are responsible, too, for
advising on and controlling demolition projects and ensuring public safety around dangerous structures.

All of this creates a huge swathe of documentation which needs to be secure, yet accessible with ease.

This new contract triggered the procurement of’s new microfiche scanner, adding to the existing fiche scanning capability and allowing us to scan
around 80,000 microfiche images per day. offers every client a service tailored to their requirements and, as with the Building Control Department, we ensure all files are indexed to their
specific requirements. It is hoped that, now the scanning process has begun, it will be an ongoing process for the Building Control Department.