Document is frequently delivering successful data capture projects to blue chip organisations such as the UK Government.
Our in-house programmers use leading software  such as ABBYY Flexicapture to create thousands of gigabytes of data from paper and film records.

Using Data Capture techniques, our team have scanned tens of thousands of pages of Illustrated Parts Catalogues (IPCs) and delivered the results in various formats as summarised below:

Excel tables- Converting the data to Excel allows the client to check part numbers and NATO Stock Numbers (NSN) against other databases.

MS Word – Converting to MS Word provides an editable document which we can convert to maintain the original formatting of parts tables and figures/illustrations.

Electronic IPC – With the data captured and converetd to electronic format wee can create linked IPCs with links from the item or part to the figure or the foigure callout.

The challenges with this type of project is normally the quality of the original record. If its second generation (photocopy) the quality may be poor and even though we invests thousands of pounds in software we still need skilled and experienced operators.  Luckily our operators are extremely experienced with these type of technical documents mainly due to the experience of the company. Document is a division of Allan Webb Ltd who also create IPCs. This means we know your data and this helps with the quality of the results when the data becomes a challenge.