Most people who have been involved with manufacturing or engineering have had to retrieve a drawing from the drawing stores, look through an index and thumb through drawers or hanging files. With the advent of CAD many years ago, the amount of paper for film drawings has nearly stopped however old archives still exist.

At we often get jobs where a company needs to scan their drawings to electronic format to save space, provide a disaster recovery backup, integrate with a Document Management System or to unlock data.

Unlocking valuable Data:

CAD Conversion: Through a mixture of software conversion and tracing we can provide fully layered versions of your paper or film drawings in formats such as .dwg. We don’t use full Raster to Vector conversion as we learnt from experience this does not achieve the quality we require, we are still excellent value for money and sometimes a drawing can be converted for a fixed price as little as £50. If you have amendments to the drawings, a mark-up can be included.  We have experience in converting all types of technical drawings from manufacturing drawings to architectural detail designs.

Word Searchable ICR or OCR: When we scan a drawing we normally delivery a PDF file named as the drawing number and sheet number. Within this PDF we can make most characters word searchable which means that you can search throughout the complete set of drawings to find a part number which may have been superseded or obsolete. For CAD drawings we can apply Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and for hand drawn drawings our Intelligent Character Recognition software provides excellent quality of results for hand written text. This is, however, helped by the neatness of draughtsman’s handwriting.