General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR is coming in May 2018 If you hold any data in hardcopy relating to staff or and other persons you will need to understand the update to the current General Data Protection act. The new act could mean a fine of 20 million euros or 4% of you worldwide turnover, whichever is more. Not sure what documents you are holding in storage or generally in hardcopy? Scanning your documents and working with them digitally in PowerRetrieve puts you in complete control. It gives you [...]

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South West Expo

We're exhibiting at the South West Expo Join us on the 29th June 2017 to see how  document scanning can benefit your business. We will also be joined by are our partner Infocap who will be showing PowerRetrieve a powerful document capture, interrogation and retrieval system. South West's Biggest Business Exhibition is BACK! Join as we celebrate our 5th Birthday in Swindon this year. So far we have had 1140 Exhibitors and attracted just under 10,000 delegates to our events. What’s New for [...]

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O2 Business’s ‘Paperless Experience’ paves the way for the entire company

Over the past few months, O2 Business has made public its intentions to become a paperless company. This week they have published their initial findings with their Paperless Experience and found that 91% of their employees maintained or increased productivity levels, saving approximately 3 hours a week per person on average. Following the success of the experiment, O2 is looking to extend its paperless ambitions throughout the company as a whole and to its customers in the near future. To read more on O2’s paperless [...]

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Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, Announces £4bn Drive for a ‘Paperless NHS’

Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has announced his intentions to renew plans on a drive to push the NHS into the digital age. The proposed £4 billion investment on a paperless NHS aims to address growing discontent among medical professionals concerning the amount of paperwork that they are completing at the expense of spending time with their patients. The new plans will enable medical professionals throughout the UK to gain instant access to up-to-date records, negating the requirement for patients' to repeatedly submit their medical history at different NHS practices. Once final funding has been [...]

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Fire Destroys Documents

Another reason to have your documents scannedA council whose offices were destroyed by fire has held its first full meeting since the blaze.South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse offices in Crowmarsh Gifford were 85% gutted by a fire on 15 January.South Oxfordshire District Council held its first full council meeting since the suspected arson attack in a nearby conference centre.It is unsure whether council workers will ever be able to return to the offices.Staff are working from Abbey House in Abingdon, the Cornerstone Arts [...]

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PAPER PROCESSING – Is it a major bottleneck in your business?

Accountants, solicitors and even the NHS are typical examples of organisations swamped with paper. It creates bottle necks, inefficiencies and wastes so much time. And they’re not alone. But the war is on, and even the NHS has been set a target to go paperless by 2018. Technology is on their side, with electronic document management and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) providing the best possible solutions for transferring paper archives into their digital equivalents. And the case for going paperless? • Easy sharing and retrieval [...]

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Document Management for Law Firms – A Better Concept

It’s been just over 30 years since the personal computer really took hold in the law office as the primary means of drafting and storing documents. In those three short decades, technology has advanced to the point where you can not only manage those piles of paper, but, with effective use of scanning, email storage and electronic court filing, your firm can actually start to approach a ‘paperless office’ No, I’m not suggesting that any firm can become entirely free of paper. That’s not the [...]

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Scanning engineering drawings unlock valuable data and free up space.

Most people who have been involved with manufacturing or engineering have had to retrieve a drawing from the drawing stores, look through an index and thumb through drawers or hanging files. With the advent of CAD many years ago, the amount of paper for film drawings has nearly stopped however old archives still exist. At we often get jobs where a company needs to scan their drawings to electronic format to save space, provide a disaster recovery backup, integrate with a Document Management System [...]

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Fire breaks out at National Archives in Kew, London

This is just one reason to scan your documents A fire broke out at the National Archives in Kew, home to some of the UK's most important historical documents.Some 20 firefighters tackled the blaze, which affected two disused water towers at the site in Richmond, south-west London.London Fire Brigade(LFB), which was called out at about 12:30 GMT, said the blaze was now out.The National Archives is the official UK government archive and publisher.Building evacuatedHeld there are 11 million historical documents of national importance, some [...]

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Document Management System For Researchers

A Document Management System For ResearchersIf there’s one thing that researchers get through – it’s a lot of data! Collecting evidence and proof of any facts is a task that can involve photocopies from books, papers, articles and other information. Once this material is collected it then needs to be kept in a place where it can be easily retrieved and referred to. This is where document management systems come into their own.So as a researcher or even somebody with a lot of data what [...]

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